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For our patients who are experiencing pigmentation on their skin – or melasma – we offer our Skin Enhancement System. This system consists of two peels that vary in aggressiveness.  One of these peels will be chosen for the patient depending on the degree of pigmentation, acne present and fine lines.

These are superficial chemical peels combining three natural acids to help improve the texture and appearance of hyper-pigmented skin (fine lines and wrinkles are also softened). Peels are appropriate for all skin types and will not burn, wound or injure the skin.

Patients will leave the office with the peels on their skin. They will be provided instructions by the aesthetician as to the timing for removal of the peel. In two to three days the skin will begin to peel or slough off. The peel process takes three to seven days depending on the choice of peel utilized for best results.

We offer a customizable take home product also that will help to extend the benefits of your peel. This product will be mixed by the aesthetician to to fit the needs of your skin - Free consultation is recommended for best results, to put your best skin forward.

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