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You have just been informed that you have gestational diabetes…now what?

What is Gestational Diabetes?

Gestational diabetes is a type of diabetes that develops during pregnancy when the pregnancy hormones make your insulin (hormones that process sugar in your blood) less effective.  Good nutrition and controlling both carbohydrate and calorie intake will help control blood glucose levels. An appointment with a Registered Dietitian (RD) will provide you with an individualized meal plan and teach you to monitor your blood glucose levels.

What should I eat?

The eating tips suggested in the Dietary Guidelines for Gestational Diabetes can help you control your carbohydrate intake until your nutrition appointment.

Preparing for the nutrition appointment

Please complete the Nutrition Screening Form for Gestational Diabetes and the 3 Day Food Record and bring to your visit.

Pick up your glucose monitoring supplies from your pharmacy.  You will receive a prescription (Rx) for glucose monitoring supplies.  This Rx can either be called in to your pharmacy from our office or you can drop off the prescription to have it filled.  You should receive a glucose monitoring kit, glucose testing strips, lancets and urinary ketone test strips. It is not necessary to test your blood sugar levels until being taught glucose monitoring at the appointment. Bring all of your supplies to the nutrition appointment.

Medical Nutritional Therapy for Gestational Diabetes is often covered by medical insurance. You may want to check your insurance company about your coverage and number of visits included in this coverage.  If your insurance does not cover the appointment please contact the office billing department for fee information.

What to expect at the nutrition appointment

  • Plan for a 90 minute appointment for your first visit with the dietitian.
  • The counseling room can accommodate additional support person(s) if desired.  This is a lengthy and detailed appointment, please refrain from bringing small children.
  • Please bring in your completed Nutrition Screening Form for Gestational Diabetes and 3 Day Food Record.

Information provided

  • Education and materials for your individualized nutrition meal plan.
  • Teaching and demonstration for glucose monitoring.
  • Glucose monitoring log sheets.


  • Plan for 2-4 follow-up sessions with the dietitian – 30 minutes each. Your dietitian will be available to answer questions or concerns in between your visits.
  • Bring your glucose monitoring logs to ALL prenatal visits.