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Labor Delivery Turf WarsOur first goal in your prenatal care and delivery is to have a healthy baby and mom equally.  Of next importance is your birth experience.  Although we don’t always have control of that, we at DC&G ObGyn work hard to listen and tailor your care to you. 

Natural childbirth can mean many things.  We do not feel a midwife should be a sole provider, as they cannot perform a cesarean section in an emergency, or a more difficult delivery – which can happen at any time without warning, and in the lowest risk pregnancy.

A good support system in the labor and delivery does promote vaginal delivery, therefore, we DO feel that supportive family/friends or doulas can be an asset in the labor and delivery room. We feel birth plans and discussion BEFORE delivery helps. 

LaborBallSeen here is an example of the helping tools at Good Shepherd hospital for your natural birth.  This unique labor ball can help your baby drop and open your pelvis with positioning.  Even a Cesarean can be natural, with breastfeeding and holding your baby during your surgery.