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Let’s work together to optimize your healthcare to achieve practical longevity.

Annual exams with your Obstetricians-Gynecologist (OB/GYN) are excellent opportunities to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and minimize your health risks. The specific interval services differ for individual patients and that’s where your OB/GYN is vital. At DC&G ObGyn a team-based care, including obstetrician–gynecologists, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and other health care professionals facilitate meeting your needs of preventive care.

General Health

  • Contraceptive counseling and methods
  • Depression/anxiety screening
  • Diabetes screening
  • Folic acid supplementation
  • Healthy diet and activity counseling
  • Interpersonal and domestic violence screening
  • Obesity screening and counseling
  • Osteoporosis screening
  • Urinary incontinence screening
  • Tobacco screening and counseling
  • Substance use screening and assessment
  • Lipid, blood pressure and cardiovascular disease screening

Infectious Diseases

  • Gonorrhea and chlamydia, hepatitis B and C, HIV and syphilis screening
  • Immunizations
  • STI prevention counseling
  • Syphilis screening


  • Breast cancer screening
  • Cervical cancer screening
  • Uterine and ovarian cancer screening when applicable
  • Colorectal cancer screening

How to make your annual visit even more valuable

  • Bring questions to your appointment, as sometimes nerves make it difficult to remember what you are concerned with that day.
  • Take notes, as sometimes we do not remember everything at a doctor’s appointment.
  • Sign up for portal-based health information to have more ownership of your health.