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Dr. Coll's comments

Dympna Coll MD

“Women are sometimes reluctant to tell their doctor about incontinence. They think it is normal aging. Today there are many treatments that can dramatically improve a woman’s lifestyle by correcting incontinence.”

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Women who have urinary incontinence may leak urine often. They may have to wear a pad to keep from wetting their clothes. Some women with incontinence feel such a strong desire to urinate that they cannot control it.

A woman with urinary incontinence may also have other symptoms:

  • Urgency – A strong desire to urinate, whether or not the bladder is full. This often occurs along with pelvic discomfort or pressure, as well as fear of leakage or fear of pain
  • Frequency – Urinating more than every 2 hours or more than 7 times per day.
  • Nocturia – The need to urinate 2 or more times during hours of sleep
  • Dysuria – Painful urination
  • Enuresis – Bed-wetting or wetting while sleeping

NA-Focus-IncontinenceThe doctors at DC&G ObGyn are specially trained to evaluate and treat women with urinary incontinence. Treatment may involve medications, behavior modification, physical therapy, special devices or surgery.

New treatment for urine stress incontinence and pelvic floor relaxation!

Introducing the BTL EMSELLA® Chair

Uses electromagnetic energy at a high frequency for 28 minutes to cause pelvic floor stimulation while you sit, fully clothed, on a chair. A single treatment brings you thousands of intense contractions that would not be achieved with normal Kegel exercises or physical therapy. We recommend 6 sessions over a 3 week period. Call us to schedule - includes consultation with the doctor at the first and 6th treatments.

BTL Emsella