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Sherry Namenby Sherry Namen LMT, CMT

Hello, my name is Sherry Namen, and I teach Invigor - Stretch Therapy. I am a licensed and insured professional massage therapist - qualified in many different types of massage.

Invigor-Stretch Therapy offers many different types of stretch and massage, and focuses on giving the client time to recover from the stresses of everyday life, soft tissue injuries and pain.  Invigor-Stretch Therapy also offers Sports Therapy Massage, which involves increasing range of motion and joint flexibility which helps to alleviate the stress and tension which builds up in the body's soft tissues and joints during physical activity and life's everyday challenges. This treatment is not just for the sports person: anyone can benefit from invigorating stretch therapy, including people in physically demanding jobs and those suffering from injuries or stress related positions.

Stretch Massage is one of our September Spa Specials! Please call our office to schedule your stretch massage today! Call 847-304-0044 Ext. 2