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The Emsella™ chair is a revolutionary treatment that uses high intensity electromagnetic-focused muscle building therapy to treat urinary stress incontinence, pelvic floor weakness and improve sexual function. A series of six 28-minute treatments over 3 weeks gives you measurable improvement with no real complications and involves “sitting” on the chair.

We treat all types of pelvic floor issues, stress incontinence and sexual dysfunction, so this was a natural addition to our services. It is an alternative to surgery and can work much better than “on your own” exercises or physical therapy. Physical therapy uses similar technology to “train” you to do Kegels but lacks the high intensity that the Emsella chair uses. We will counsel you before and after, test your urine, discuss all your options and tailor treatment to you.

Don’t forget simple vaginal health treatments such as estrogen cream, Replens™ or Revaree® to keep your vaginal tissue healthy – so many benefits. Your pelvic floor, bladder function and sexual health is important – come in for an evaluation and consultation.