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 By Jeanne Novas, MD 

We at DC&G ObGyn work very hard to keep our patients’ wait times to a minimum.  We combine services such as ultrasounds, bone scans, dietician consults, medications and blood draws together with the doctor visit for patient convenience.

However, we also have many emergency visits, and sometimes patients who just need a bit more time unexpectedly.  As OBGYNs, we are here 24/7 for our patients.  We strive to provide the most thorough and compassionate care, and do it in a timely manner.  Sometimes, that may mean a delay.

Please plan on being at our office approximately one hour for general appointments.  If you have blood draw, medications/vaccines, ultrasounds, bone densities, or non-stress tests scheduled conveniently for you at the same time, please add 15-30 minutes for each added procedure.

Medically, it is recommended to sit upright quietly for 15 minutes prior to a medical examination of the blood pressure and heart.  We try our best to build that into the appointment, again trying to make it most convenient and accurate for you.

We encourage feedback, and those who do have an issue, we hope you will take the time to call our office manager or speak directly to your doctor.  That way, we can improve our services and wait times for our patients.  Thank you for reading this, and any feedback is appreciated.

– Jeanne Novas, MD